Registered Charity No.1087470

President: Mr. Ronald W. G. Smith Chairman: Teresa Travell

Storer's Paper Yard

Update On Storer's Waste
Transfer Site Appeal (March 2016)

As reported in the Winter Newsletter, the date for H.C.C. to consider Storer's planning application to extend their yard had not been announced. Finally, this was listed on the Agenda for the Development Control Committee meeting on the 28th February.

The meeting was attended by two representatives of the Society, also members of the newly formed Northaw Action Group and a number of other residents - probably around 20 people. The Case Officer handling the application spoke and indicated that H.C.C. recommended it should be refused. Then people opposing the plans were permitted to speak for ten minutes and Storers also spoke for ten minutes supporting their proposal. After this, the County Councillors asked questions and discussed the matter. A vote was taken and the Committee unanimously rejected the Planning Application.

However, although this was good news, the matter will certainly not rest there. Storers now have a window of six months to appeal, which they will undoubtedly do. As I indicated in the past, this means that the Company can carry on their operations as before, with the usual traffic chaos and inconvenience. I can only repeat that anyone encountering problems are urged by H.C.C. to take photographs and also contact the Police on the non urgent number - 101.

Mary Cook
March 2016


Local residents have just been informed by HCC that Chas Storer Ltd has lodged a planning application for change of use of part of the adjacent timber yard to allow expansion of their waste transfer site, creation of a HGV waiting area, new egress onto their private access road and highway improvements to the junction with Coopers Lane. They will also said they would end the use of their existing site for the collection and bulking of green waste.

However, this will almost double the area of the site in the new part of which Storer's intend to erect a 7m high shredder processing building, and install a second weigh bridge, an office and other facilities. This would increase the business hugely, with of course, even more traffic using Coopers Lane. No doubt many people will remember the Public Inquiry into their activities some years ago. An inspector found in favour of HCC but Storer's won on appeal.

Comments on the application (see New application - select Search for a planning application and enter Coopers under street name), which will be taken into account when it is determined, should be sent in writing by 14 May, 2015 to the Case Officer, Mrs. F Hart, Spatial, Planning & Economy Unit, CHN 216, County Hall, Hertford, SG13 8DN or submitted via the online option.

As the activities of Storer's continue to blight the lives of nearby residents who suffer from noise and almost constant heavy traffic and congestion in The Causeway and Coopers Lane, I would ask for support from members to oppose this application, especially bearing in mind that the premises are in the Green Belt. Such a large operation should be sited on an industrial estate and not in a rural setting adjacent to a residential area.

Mary Cook
April 2015