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President: Mr. Ronald W. G. Smith Chairman: Teresa Travell

Potters Bar - A Visitor's View

Our second trip to England, during the summer of 2005, brought us to the lovely town of Potters Bar. Although we were not staying right in the town, we were close enough to enjoy the many special things Potters Bar has to offer.

Being real "foodies" we made many small trips to our favourite Tesco and Sainsbury's stores. Our trips to a candy aisle in any Canadian grocery store will never again hold the same excitement; there's just no comparison with the incredible sweets to behold in England. After feasting selfishly on Cadbury Roses and other delicacies for two weeks, we made sure to bring some home to our family. Yes, it was hard to let them enjoy all the treats without dipping back in.

On a more serious note, we did witness the bravery and perseverance of British people as we arrived on July 25th, several days after the July 21st second bombing attempts. A few early days brought us to the train station for a trip into Kings Cross and further adventures on the tube. It was a bit tense for us all, but we admired the "life must go on" attitude.

Our thoughts recall the many evenings we were on the late train back to Potters Bar and saw the many individuals in their business attire, presumably on their way home as well. We thought about the long working hours that people must endure before getting back to their families. While recounting this observation to a Canadian friend (born in London), he commented that they were likely in a pub for the last few hours after work before travelling home!! Can this truly be so?

Anyway, after a full day sightseeing in London, we were ready to sample some of the tasty restaurants of Potters bar. The Bangladeshi fare at 'The Chilli Raj' was so tempting we indulged on two separate occasions. Lunches were sometimes spent in the quaint coffee and sandwich shops along the main roads. Some of our nicest times were spent simply walking into town nibbling on lots of wild blackberries growing along the roadside.

Driving on the left hand side of the road never ceased to amaze us. Roundabouts are quite the invention! When we thought we knew which way to go, we were often proved wrong. Thank goodness we were simply content passengers and not some of those tourists who think they can drive anywhere in the world!

Staying in the Potters Bar area for two weeks made us feel like we were able to experience a real community and English day-to-day life; from enjoying the garden, of where we were staying, shopping and even knowing how your recycling station is organised. And to make it all more enjoyable, we were visiting a dear friend and her wonderful, hospitable family. We'll recall these days fondly and hope to explore England yet again in the future.

Michael and Taylor Pimento
Toronto, Canada.